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Government Relations Activity – October until Present

The following is a roundup of government relations activities that Mortgage Professionals Canada has undertaken on behalf of membership to various levels of government since the new mortgage insurance and eligibility rules were announced. This is not an exhaustive list but are the main highlights from our very active government relations activities. This does not include any of the meetings or events that we have supported our members to participate in and does not include the over fifteen events that we have sponsored or participated in to advocate for change to the new rules.

Meeting with Finance Minister Morneau
CEO Paul Taylor, testified to Standing Committee of Finance
First ever Federal Advocacy Day on Parliament Hill
First ever Ontario Advocacy Day on Queen’s Park
50+ MP and federal officials meetings
30+ MPP and provincial officials meetings

Policy Documents:
Small Business Tax Code Changes Submission
OSFI Guideline B-20 Consultation Submission
FICOM Disclosure tools for members
2018 Federal Pre-Budget Submission
2017 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission
Submission to the Finance Committee on Mortgage Changes
Submission to Department of Finance on Risk Sharing

Web-based letter writing campaign for MPs launched
Reaction to FICOM decision
Release on Federal Advocacy Day
Reaction to Federal Budget
Release on Queen’s Park Advocacy Day
Reaction to Ontario Liberals Fair Housing Plan
Launch of consumer-focused website and letter writing campaign for MPs
Reaction to Ontario Budget