AMBA Partnership

Combining Forces and Resources

In December, Mortgage Professionals Canada and Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) announce a partnership in order to work together to streamline events and collectively address important issues within Alberta.

As part of this partnership, an executive board member from each association has been appointed to sit on the other association’s board for a one-year term. This agreement means that Michael Cameron, Mortgage Professionals Canada’s Alberta Director and Treasurer, is now part of AMBA’s board and Adil Mawji, AMBA’s Past President, is now part of Mortgage Professionals Canada’s board.

In October, the associations worked together on a half-day regional education session in Edmonton that was very well received. Mortgage Professionals Canada and AMBA have also partnered on the upcoming conference in Jasper scheduled for June 2016.

“There is a history of a positive spirit of cooperation between Mortgage Professionals Canada and AMBA,” says Cameron. “It makes sense both economically and logistically for our associations to come together to hold one event as opposed to asking the industry to support and attend two separate events.”

“By combining our resources, AMBA and Mortgage Professionals Canada are better able to address the needs of our members as a joint force,” Mawji explains. “And when it comes to partnered events, we can eliminate duplication and provide the highest calibre of learning, networking, entertainment and, most importantly, efficiency within our industry.”

Mortgage Professionals Canada was pleased to partner with AMBA at Camp Jasper in June! This joint event provided quality education, networking and social activities while members of both associations came together to celebrate the industry.

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