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Claude Girard, CHA


Mario Lepage, CHA

I have been working in the financial field for the last 30 years, and have played an active and dynamic role in mortgage brokerage financing for all of Quebec.

If elected for my second term as a director of Mortgage Professionals of Canada, I have established the following objectives:

  • Overseeing the new education course for Quebec

  • Promoting the recruitment of new members

  • Continuing to lobby for the implementation of Law 141

I have the support of my organization, the Laurentian Bank Financial Group (B2B Bank), to meet the needs and expectations of our members.

Additional Information
Bachelor of Finance, UQAM and Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers

Laurentian Bank of Canada: 1996-2010
Assistant VP, Business Development; Assistant VP, Montreal West and Ville Lasalle Local Markets; Assistant VP, Laval Local Market; Senior Manager, Micro Market and Customer Service

CIBC: 1994-1996
District Manager, Abitibi Temiscamingue Ungava

Institute of Canadian Bankers: 1992-1994
Quebec Regional Director

Scotia Bank: 1985-1992

Community and Professional Involvement

Secretary-Treasuer, increasing training, networking and knowledge sharing among Quebec mortgage brokers.

Laurentides Laval Diabetes Association: 2005-2011
Secretary-Treasuer and VP, creating fundraising activities to improve service to diabetics in the region.


I hold a university degree in Business Administration and I possess solid experience in the fields of business and banking and have won numerous awards in the mortgage and business communities. I have the experience to represent you as a result of my management experience in different organizations and as a banker and a corporate consultant.

I have been working in the mortgage community since 2001. My excellent customer service ranks me, year after year, among the best mortgage brokers. My extensive knowledge in our industry makes me an excellent candidate, together with my experience on various boards of directors of financial institutions and my williness to promote our competencies among our members and the public.

Also, my peers appreciate my advice and do not hesitate to consult me on various issues pertaining to our industry. As for our financial institutions, my reputation is excellent and my relationship with them is just as harmonious.

I am committed to consulting with all Quebec members to better understand your needs and rekindle your interest in our association as a result of my knowledge, my experience and my willingness to drive our industry forward.

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